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What is an Android App?

Mobile Apps are software applications that work with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. An Android App is a software application that uses the Google Android platform as its foundation. This software is made available to customers and businesses through the Google Play Store and the other Android App focused sites like the Amazon App Store.

Android App?

Android apps can be free to download or a pay basis, depending on its function for the user. Most services oriented apps are free while sales oriented apps can be made available on pay or on a freemium basis. Freemium is a special type of app, where the original app is available free to the user with limited functionality, while in-app purchases unlock premium features based on different payment options. It is an extremely popular option as it allows the flexibility to bundle both free and paid services. This not only increases the base of users who are attracted by free services, but also increases conversion of free users to paid users as customers start to appreciate the convenience of the application. Do you want your own Android App to enhance your business? We are the best application development company in Ranchi, and can help you design it.

How can I get an Android Application for my business?

Today, one of the most precious commodities for any individual or business is time. That is why solutions that are available at the click of a button, anytime, anywhere are the need of the hour. We are a top IT service provider based in Ranchi. We offer a range of options for you to design your android application for your business. Android powers millions of mobile devices in almost 200 countries around the world. It is the largest mobile software platform in the world. The instant availability of service through mobile applications is fast becoming a necessary component of customer service. It can also act as a business differentiator, with key information easily available to the customers. Another big advantage of mobile apps is the ability to update content across all devices in one instant, thus making new products and services immediately available to all users. We have the skills and experience as a top application designing company to help you expand your business and services through this platform. We can help you design and develop digital content like services and games that give an added edge to your business. We, at Karmasys, pride ourselves on our ability to partner with you for all your Android App development and design needs. Contact us to know more.

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