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Bulk SMS marketing in Ranchi

There are several ways of promoting your brand. A few companies rely on television promos, while the other companies rely on digital marketing. There are other marketing forms that include poster or banner marketing. We at http://karmasys.in specialize in offering customized marketing services solutions based on the services or products our client produce or manufacture. In the modern-day era, the most effective and cheapest form of marketing is SMS marketing.

What is SMS marketing?

SMS marketing is a form of marketing that allows companies to inform, educate and persuade potential customers about their products or services via SMS. Most people use mobiles nowadays and you need not be a literate to operate and interpret basic SMS messages. Unlike other digital marketing techniques, the reach of SMS marketing is a lot broader and is appropriate for a country like India.

What an ideal SMS should include?

It is important to understand that SMS means short message. The characters of an SMS should be limited to about 150 and the message should be crisp and clear. You can add a phone number, web address and various other information based on the target market. http://karmasys.in being a bulk SMS company in Ranchi specialize in understanding our clients and drafting the most appropriate and meaningful marketing message for our clients. So, why wait to contact us now to have your message customized for your potential customers!

Why SMS marketing?

Many people would argue that SMS marketing many people could argue has gone out of the current marketing era. However, it is still the cheapest and the most successful marketing strategy used by several companies and startups. You can send bulk messages to several potential customers in a few seconds. The response is immediate and the time & money consumed is very low. We provide bulk SMS service in Ranchi at competitive prices. Sending messages in the form of SMS is not only useful for marketing, but is also useful for updating existing customers about new or upcoming offers/services/products or any other offering. It is an attractive method of connecting with the customers. Meeting all the potential customers physically, placing costly television ads, advertising on social media, etc., might not always be an alternative. However, SMS marketing can be used for 90% of the companies no matter how different or unique services/products they offer.

Need for expertise

Bulk SMS sending service in Ranchi needs considerable amount of expertise. Since, the SMS is sent at once to many probable customers, it is important to ensure, the spellings, message structure and other information are appropriately drafted before circulation. Small variances or negligence like these can literally tarnish a company’s image in the market. Hence, apart from featuring the best in class advisory services based on your offerings, we also ensure the right message is conveyed to thousands of your customers. There are many SMS senders in Ranchi and India. However, we have established ourselves as a complete marketing firm by offering various other value added services, SEO, back office services, digital marketing, web designing, training, etc. http://karmasys.in is your answer for all SMS marketing needs.

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