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Course in DCA

Karma Global is a leading IT company and digital solutions provider based out of Ranchi. We provide a host of software training and solutions for our clients, integrating both theoretical concepts and practical knowledge. Our course in DCA (DirectAccess Connectivity Assistant) is one such practical utility course.

DirectAccess is a Microsoft software feature that allows users to connect to their business intranet or other private networks from out of office or remote locations through the Internet. Also known as Unified Remote Access, this is an advanced feature over traditional VPN networks as the user computer automatically connects to the Intranet, without any specific actions from the user. Our course will help the student understand and optimize this feature for their clients. We cover topics on deployment, management and support of DCA on corporate networks. Our students will learn to install DCA in group networks and configure its settings in client computers. We also cover common errors and their management in maintaining these networks. Contact us at http://karmasys.in/ to know more our DCA course.

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