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IT Products Development in Ranchi

Karma offer you a complete IT solution with various product including almost all business associates development software.

Billing Software

We, at Karma Global, are a leading IT solutions company and provide customizable billing software for our clients. We conduct deep analysis of our clients’ needs and present them with relevant solutions. Billing software is critical for any business and greatly helps their accounting requirements. We can customize solutions for a variety of needs ranging from large businesses to independent contractors, professionals, non-profit organizations and more. We provide easy-to-use and intuitive solutions for all your financial needs. From billing and invoicing to tracking payments, setting up billing cycles, generating quotes and estimates and providing convenient payment options to your customers, we ensure that you and your customers are at the heart of our software solutions. We also provide testing and debugging along with report generation, training and maintenance & support services to our client base. Contact us at http://karmasys.in/ to know more.

Hospital Management Software

Karma Global is a leading software solutions provider based in Ranchi. We provide a range of solutions and services in the hospital and the medical administration sector. We conduct rigorous analysis of our clients’ requirements and provide them with customizable solutions in both hospital and clinic management. This can range from management of patient records, integration of medical departments and complete support for record and maintenance of clinical data. The software can also be used to integrate various administrative functions of the hospital from HR, Payroll, finance, sales and even transport management. Digital solutions can provide seamless communication between medical staff, administration, patients and other relevant personnel for mobile and instant communications. Data management, forecasting, inventory management and record management can be automated to bring greater efficiency and decrease costs. Our team will ensure complete integration with all your requirements and are committed to designing and implementing the best software to meet all your needs. Contact us at http://karmasys.in/ to know more.

Hotel Management System

Karma Global is a top IT services provider with special products for the Hotel and Hospitality sector. We provide IT solutions which can be used for a range of lodging businesses from hotels, guest houses for bed-and-breakfast operations. We provide tailor made data processing, record maintenance and reporting solutions for a variety of needs of the hotel industry. Some of the activities that can be automated are reservations, guest management and concierge services, employee scheduling, time and attendance, accounting, maintenance records and support, property management, customer service, food and restaurant services, inventory management and more. Integration of services from the front desk to housekeeping, room vacancies, key management can all be built into a customized software solution. Automation of sales activities like hotel shops, restaurants, bar, room service, Wi-Fi, guest facilities like pay-per-view, health club, etc. can also be seamlessly connected with the billing software to ensure a superior customer experience. We have many more options for greater operational efficiency and service in the hotel industry. Contact us at http://karmasys.in/ to know more.

Human Resource Management System

We, at Karma Global, are a leading IT solutions provider for a range of digital services. A key area of any business is its Human Resource Department. We provide software solutions for complete HR management from recruitment to resignation of an employee. We understand the criticality of personnel management and have built solutions for various functions of the human resource department. This starts from the sourcing of an employee, recruiting, resume management, induction and appointment. Core HR functions like time and attendance, employee scheduling including shift management, benefits administration and payroll management can also be automated. Our human resources solutions can support your business with strategic management initiatives from training and learning support to performance reviews and other developmental HR activities. We also provide database management and customized reporting for our clients. We are dedicated to design, implementation, maintenance and support of all our software. Contact us at http://karmasys.in/ to know more.

Inventory Management Solutions

Karma Global is a leading software solutions provider based in Ranchi. We work with large corporations across a range of services. One of our special products is building customized Inventory Management Systems for large organizations. We partner our clients through analysis and communication to develop unique products for their requirements. One of the biggest costs for large organizations is in the area of inventory and warehouse management. We are a top solutions provider for recording and tracking inventory. Our software can be backwards integrated with your suppliers to ensure seamless and in-time re-ordering based on inventory levels falling below defined parameters. We can also forward integrate your inventory with sales and customers to bring down lead and delivery times. Efficient inventory flow can dramatically decrease costs and increase a business’s profitability. Our software can be integrated with other departments like finance and billing to reap the benefits of enterprise wide automation. We provide end to end support from design to implementation and maintenance for all our software solutions. Contact us at http://karmasys.in/ to know more.

Jewellery Management System

Karma Global takes pride in providing top software solutions to the gems and Jewellery industry. Our Jewellery management systems are built to automate all requirements for those in the Jewellery business. We can customize our products to your individual needs. Traditionally, jewelers depended on manual methods to record their transactions and inventory. However, this method is prone to human errors, and in such a high value business, even the smallest mistake can be catastrophic. We build software to bring in greater data security, transparency and record management for jewelers. Some of the features of our system include bar code billing, image entry of items, name and details of manufacturers and details of the product like weight etc. Our systems can be integrated for efficient inventory management, which is critical for precious metals. Jewellery certifications and other details can also be logged, tracked and retained in our database for easy retrieval. We provide complete support in customizing, implementing and maintaining our software. Contact us at http://karmasys.in/ to know more.

Restaurant Management Software

Karma Global is a leading digital solutions company with a range of services for the restaurant industry. We provide customizable software solutions to automate your business and increase efficiency. Our team is dedicated to rigorous analysis of our customers’ needs and building optimal solutions to meet their requirements. We provide fully integrated systems to manage the complete cycle of a Food & Beverages business. Our software is customized to the unique aspects of the hospitality industry and provides intelligent solutions for their challenges. Our system can be designed for a range of services that connect the kitchen to the customer. These include, but are not limited to employee scheduling, hosting and reservation services, delivery services, inventory management, billing and even recipe records. Our software can be configured for multi-location or franchise operations. We provide database maintenance and customized report generation to meet all the requirements of our customers. Contact us at http://karmasys.in/ to know more.

School Management Software

Karma Global is a top IT service provider, based in Ranchi. We develop customized software solutions for a variety of sectors. One of the key areas we work in is education and schools. We work closely with schools to understand their unique requirements and provide a range of digital solutions. We can tailor software for schools to meet a variety of needs. Software can be used as a communications tool between the school staff, students and parents. Such applications can be integrated with all types of devices, including mobile devices to ensure instant communication and seamless functioning of day to day school operations. Schools can also track student academics with complete history, records and reports of students, teachers and other staff. The Software can also be used to integrate various administrative requirements like fees, payroll and other payments. Different departments of the school can use specialized software like Library, HR, Transport etc. to meet their specific needs. We provide complete support in design, implementation, database management, maintenance and support for our School Management solutions. Contact us at http://karmasys.in/ to know more.

Stock Management Solutions

We, at Karma Global, are a leading software solutions provider based in Ranchi. We build deep relationships with our customers through thorough analysis of their needs and provide tailor-made solutions for their requirements. Our stock management solutions are especially helpful for small and medium enterprises. We can help you keep track of your stock and connect your end-to-end process from supplier to customer. Stock management software can help track and record your sales. You can set it up to alert you to low product levels and even integrate it with your suppliers for manual or automatic re-ordering. Efficient stock management can decrease costs and directly affect a business’s profitability. Software can also be customized to synchronize stock with real time sales, providing you with up to date information for your customers on delivery times. Our stock management solutions also provide you with an efficient way to maintain vendor information and customer records. We provide end to end support from design to implementation and maintenance for our software solutions. Contact us at http://karmasys.in/ to know more.

Transport Management System

Transport Management Systems are automated solutions for the transport industry that help users plan and deliver goods across geographies. We, at Karma Global, bring our skills in software design and development to the transport industry to develop customized solutions for their needs. Our mission for transport solutions is to increase efficiency and reduce costs. We offer this through digital solutions that plan, track, deliver and maintain records for product shipping and logistics. Our software can be customized to meet a range of needs like route optimization, load management, freight management, fleet management, warehousing solutions, shipment consolidations and other supply chain challenges. Our software can also be integrated to the administrative function like record management, tracking and reporting and billing and payments. We provide implementation, maintenance and support to all our customers and offer customized report generation options. Contact us at http://karmasys.in/ to know more.

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