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Tally Course

Business ventures nowadays are looking for end-to-end software solutions to manage their every need. Tally is one of the most popular and reliable ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) softwares in the market today. We, at Karma Global, are a leading digital solutions provider with expertise in both teaching Tally as well as using it for our customers.

Our course will help the student understand the Tally software and operate it. Tally is business management software with its origins in financial accounting. This software is very popular for handling accounting, tax management, payroll, stock management and other such business requirements. It was designed in India and is compliant with Indian accounting and tax regulations. Our course covers concepts in both core and advanced Tally including Tally fundamentals, features, data processing and report generation. A comprehensive understanding of Tally will help the students use it to build customized solutions for their clients. Contact us at http://karmasys.in/ to know more.

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