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Voice SMS

Voice SMS is a very effective service and marketing tool. A Voice SMS is a type of SMS where the other person hears a pre-recorded voice that speaks the message out aloud. They can be used to provide information, send reminders or alerts and promote products and services. You can even send Voice SMS to send greetings like birthday wishes and congratulatory messages, and build deeper relationships with your clients. Voice messages can be used both internally within your company and externally with clients and other affiliates as an effective tool for mass communication.

We are a leading provider of Voice SMS

Our team can help you develop and send Bulk Voice SMSes. These are pre-recorded messages that can be sent through mobile and landline networks across the country. They are particularly effective in reaching out your message to a very large number of the population instantly. We can help you with completely automated Voice SMS services. Here, the system automatically dials through a list of numbers and plays the requisite message and there is no requirement of manpower. We are the best SMS service provider and Voice SMS service providers in Ranchi. Contact us at http://karmasys.in/ to reach out to our professionals. They can help you customize our services, especially for your needs and provide a range of offerings best suited for your budget.

Voice SMS is a cutting edge promotional tool

Voice messages are gaining popularity in many sectors including politics, financial services, healthcare, education, market research, media and advertising, travel, healthcare, information technology, retail and many more. Voice SMS is usually very short in duration, usually 30 seconds or less. A Voice SMS is perceived as having a higher personal connection and has the ability to convey emotions and feelings of the sender with the message. Voice conveys the tone of the message much better than a simple text message. With our status as a leading IT services provider in Ranchi, we are well placed to meet all your Voice SMS requirements.

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