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Website hosting

For a website to be available to the public, it has to be published through a web hosting service. We are a top IT service provider and can help you with a range of IT services including website hosting and technical support.

Why do you need a web host for your business?

Your company website is the brochure of your company and its online identity. It is the easiest and low cost way to have a platform to connect with existing and potential clients. You can use it to build awareness about your company, provide information to your clients, promote your products and services and drive e-commerce. However, for a website to be ‘live’ on the internet, it has to be hosted on a web server. This means that the site and all its pages are stored in a special host computer. When a potential or existing client wants to visit your website, they type in your address into their web browser. Their browser, then connects to the website host server through the internet and sends the information back to their computer. Without a web hosting service, no one will be able to access your website.

How can we help you get your website ‘live’ on the Internet?

Do you want a host for your website? We are the best website hosting company in Ranchi. We can not only help you design your website, but also host it on our servers. We are the lowest price website hosting company in Ranchi. We help you publish, store and manage all aspects of your website. We can help you manage your website and provide testing and debugging services. A key feature of any website is the bandwidth it takes which affects the speed of the website. We provide complete bandwidth management and provide technical support with any hosting issues. The security of the website is paramount and something we take with utmost seriousness. As the web host, we provide support for constant detection and removal of malware, viruses and other website security hazards.

We provide multiple hosting options like shared hosting, where you enjoy the advantages of sharing a host server with others or dedicated hosting, where you enjoy the flexibility of having resources that are blocked for your use only. We can also help you with data analytics about your website like how many people visit the site, which are the most viewed pages etc. Contact us at http://karmasys.in/ to know more.

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